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 Wartrol Review - Human Papilloma Virus PicturesHPV or human papillomavirus is a strain of warts virus that causes genital warts and for some worst cases it also causes cervical cancer. There are more that one hundred of HPV virus and although some are minor in terms of effects to human body some are very aggressive that it actually cause cervical cancer. Human papillomavirus mostly can be acquired by sexual encounter thus the term sexually transmitted disease. Usually when someone practice unsafe coitus the chances of acquiring hpv infection will increase significantly. So my advice if you are fond of casual encounter, I suggest you should always use protection.

As probably you know by now that hpv infection can lead to genital warts and if you are unlucky chances are you can get a more dreaded condition called cervical cancer. In most cases, HPV can cause different kind of warts like the common skin warts, plantar warts and flat warts. There are also some types of HPV especially type 6 and 11 causes some kind of respiratory problem called Respiratory papillomatosis. There are also types that can affect the immune system of our body.

Although this virus is mainly passed through sexual contact, it could be also passed through several mans like prenatal transmission in which the mother passes the virus to her baby, so it is very dangerous for a pregnant woman to have a genital warts. Another way to pass this virus is although very slim in chance is sharing things which is contaminated with the virus.

What should we do to prevent infection of human papillomavirus? There are several things we can do to minimize the risk or prevent infection. Number one is vaccine. There two type of vaccine that can prevent some strain of hpv virus which is gardasil that is being marketed by Merck and Co. another is Cervarix which is distributed by Glaxo Smith Kline. Both of these vaccines protects from type 16 and type 18. Another way to protect yourselves with STD is by using protection while during entercourse. One type of protection is a very common very cheap and very simple by way of using condom. I think this one is a self explanatory so I wouldn’t go into details of discussing how to use or where to buy condom.

With all of this information on how to prevent genital warts or HPV infection I think that the best way to prevent acquiring it is bing loyal to just one partner. I know some would disagraee with this but we cannot deny the fact that with only one partner the chances of getting infected is significantly dicreased.

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